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Starbucks had to close 60% of stores in the United States and Canada because of POS server failure; due to which one of a store served coffee for free as they were unable to process the transaction. Amazon’s e-commerce website had once had to pay heavy losses to a third-party retailer who saw their product price dropped by 1 Paisa due to a software glitch. The point is that software testing is important because it helps in identifying such software bugs that could cause unimaginable financial and data losses.

What is Software Application Testing?

Software testing is a method of testing the actual software on two parameters first, whether the software is up to the expectations, and second, whether the software is defect-free.
In simple words, it means Application Under Test (AUT). It is done through manual or automated tools that evaluate software’s properties, gaps, missing requirements, etc.
Software testing is important because it provides holistic assessment to the entire software and thus helpful in identifying errors and bugs which, if passed without testing, the application product might cost you and your client heavily.
Hence, a tested software product is cost-saving, time-saving, secure, reliable, and provides customer satisfaction.

Types of Software Testing We Provide

Our software application testing company in Pune provide you with:

What Are The Benefits Of Our Software Testing

Our software testing provides:
It is the most important aspect of testing. The prior software testing ensures quality product delivery to the customers, making a software product reliable and trustworthy.
When done in time, software testing saves huge costs in long term also saving from time lag, due to the glitch in the software.
Software testing can catch error or bugs before it becomes functional. The ground test checks for the security of both application and data of software.
The main aim of any product is to provide customer satisfaction. Our UI/UX testing ensures the best customers experience.
Our diligent team of software application testers in Pune is equipped both with knowledge and the latest technology usage and therefore passes only the best software product after thorough testing. For software-based solutions, we are there to help you.